I'm a senior product designer at Messenger. I previously designed [shopping and selling experiences]( Shopping on Facebook combines,the convenience of online shopping.&text=For shoppers%2C this means you,and tips in real time.) in live video and other commerce experiences at Facebook. Iā€™m based in the Bay Area, on unceded ancestral homelands of the Ramaytush Ohlone.

Outside of work I built + maintain the website at Sine Theta Magazine (pls don't inspect my code...xoxo) and spend a lot of time sewing, watching tv, reading/listening to books, paddleboarding in the Bay, riding my bike on the Bay Trail, and tracking all of those things (as you can tell below).

I studied cognitive science + Asian American/Asian Diaspora studies at Cal, grew up in New Jersey, and will defend my home state in pretty much any context.

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